Events and sightseeing flights

The out-of-the-ordinary programme for your guests.

We fly at your events, if you wish. Helicopter sightseeing fights on the occasion of local festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions or company events are always amongst the highlights of the programme. The helicopter is a strong magnet for the public and also an unusual advertising medium for sponsors. Both adults and children are guaranteed to enjoy this special flying experience.

Stadt- & Dorffeste

Helicopter sightseeing flights are always a popular attraction. They give the whole family the opportunity to enjoy the helicopter round-trip as a “family excursion” for a relatively moderate price. A great occasion for a view from above.


Make your company anniversary an unforgettable day for your customers! Your guests will love experiencing a helicopter at close hand and the view from above during a sightseeing flight. This is something special for young and old.

Festivals & Co

Anyone who has ever seen a large festival from above knows how unique the bird’s-eye view is. We offer organisers the opportunity to round off their “special offers” with the experience of a sightseeing flight in a helicopter.