Shuttle flights

Fly as individually as never before.

Discover what is possible. We have the solution to your individual travel requirements at short notice. Together, we reach your goal and achieve that completely without delays or diversions. We have just the solution for you, both for business and for private travel. Anyone who has learnt the benefits of the rapid transfer with the helicopter will never want to do without it again.

Business flights

Use the helicopter for your business trips as one of the most efficient and comfortable means of travel. The question is not whether you can afford to travel with the helicopter but rather whether you can allow yourself not to. So, if there is a matter of real business, just make it as easy as possible.

Airport shuttle

Our helicopter shuttle brings you directly to an airport of your choice. We pick you up from a suitable place close to your home and fly you to your final place of departure in the shortest possible time. You no longer have to cope with hour-long traffic jams or waiting times.

Private flights

Are you planning a family excursion or a holiday? The transfer with the helicopter makes the trip into an experience. You save a great deal of time and are guaranteed to arrive at your desired destination without any stress. Moreover, the choice of helicopter broadens your boundaries and flexibility.